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Canon Global: “Tsuzuri Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project” On the EOS 1DS Mark III

Canon Global with The British Museum and Tsuzuri Project On the EOS 1DS Mark III, Shows “Tsuzuri Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project”, from high-resolution facsimile projects depicting the battle of Ichi-no-tani and Yashima for Japanese cultural assets and heritage for future generations, On the EOS 1DS Mark III.

From Canon Global:

“Minamoto no Yoshitsune leads the raid at Hiyodorigoe, defeating the Taira warriors at the battle of Ichi-no-tani, while Nasu no Yoichi famously hits the fan target above the ocean waves during the battle of Yashima; these scenes from the Genpei War are depicted in the folding screens “Battles of Ichi-no-tani and Yashima, from the Tale of the Heike.” With the help of the British Museum, where the original work resides, Canon created and donated a high-resolution facsimile to the Tokyo National Museum. Across the oceans and across time, the passion of such warriors as Yoshitsune and his mighty retainer Benkei comes alive in the modern age.”

VIA: Canon Global