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Canon Greece: “8K Timelapse Projection” with Simeon Quarrie On the EOS 5DS R

Canon Greece with Simeon Quarrie and AV Stumpfl On the EOS 5DS R & XEED 4K500ST Projector, Shows “8K Timelapse Projection” from two projections onto a curved screen combined from two 4K Images into a 8K Projection by AV Stumpfl, On the EOS 5DS R.

From Canon Greece:

“In this video, we know our partner AV Stumpfl, a Systems Integrator and Value-Added Reseller from Canon based in Wallern, Austria. See how it uses 2 Canon HED 4K500ST projectors by putting them side-by-side to display 8K timelapse analysis.”

“Me and my team are recording a series of timelapse videos in the past 3 months in London. I wanted to create a high-resolution timelapse using Canon 5DSR with a resolution of over 50 Mega-pixels. To reproduce such high resolution you need to have a special technology. The solution is reproduction at 8K. I use 2 new Canon HED 4K500ST projectors next to each other by combining two 4K images. Though I understand timelapse technology I need help in mixing the image in the projection. Help from the Austrian company AVStumpfl to realize my team’s vision.”

VIA: Canon Greece