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Canon Hong Kong: “12-Hour Photography Experience” with Elaine Li & Spoon Chan On the EOS R

Canon Hong Kong with Elaine Li & Spoon Chan On the EOS R, Shows “12-Hour Photography Experience” from portrait photography with different moods, locations and lighting conditions with the Technology, On the EOS R.

From Canon Hong Kong:

“The second episode “12-Hour Photography Experience” I 嚟 嚟 Beauty KOL Spoon Chan with photography talent Elaine Li. According to the results of the online voting, the drainage works should be completed with the words “haha laugh” and “urban exploration” and buried the “mountain goddess”. However, the channel is estimated to be generous, but it is necessary to transfer the identity?”

“Usually, the singer is open to the public. Spoon is going to be a photographer’s role this time, and he is used to the model. Elaine is going to become a model. After the identity is reversed, will you know that the channel will wipe out the sparks?”

VIA: Canon Hong Kong