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Canon Hong Kong: “The Art of People” with Kelvin Kwok On the EOS R5

Canon Hong Kong with Kelvin Kwok On the EOS R5, Shows “The Art of People” from a time-lapse and video shot capturing the skyline, city and people of Hong Kong find out how he got on using the Technology, On the EOS R5.

From Canon Hong Kong:

“Wedding photographer Kelvin Kwok took “The Art of People” as the title and used EOS R5 to present the most beautiful aspect of Hong Kong, and people are the most beautiful works of art under his lens.”

“After watching the creation of the short film, many people have questions about the efficiency of the EOS R5’s shockproof body and dual-pixel CMOS autofocus II.”

“Go to the film now and watch the behind-the-scenes highlights of this time, so that everyone can better understand the situation at the time of shooting, and embed the EOS R5 to help it easily and accurately capture the expressions of every couple in the film.”

VIA: Canon Hong Kong