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Canon Hong Kong: “Vlog Your Moments” On the EOS M50

Canon Hong Kong On the EOS M50, Shows “Vlog Your Moments” from 4K Ultra-High Definition Video Recording, DiG!C 8 Processor, Dual-Pixel CMOS Autofocus, Electronic View Finder & Side-Mounted Touch Screen for your convenience perfect for Vlogs, and great for Ultra-High Definition Video.

From Canon Hong Kong:

“The new EOS M50 is light and compact, with 4K ultra-high definition video recording, fully upgraded DAF, electronic viewfinder, and side-mounted touch screen for your convenience.”

Canon Hong Kong On the EOS M50 “Vlog Your Moments”:

“Use the EOS M50 to record the day-to-day relationship between lovers and share the warmth and warmth of the two people.”

Canon Hong Kong On the EOS M50 “Vlog Your Moments Part 2”:

“Youth is to dare to dare to do it. With the EOS M50, you can think about it again and again!”

VIA: Canon Hong Kong