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Canon India: “Reviews In the Field” with Nitin Arora, Abhishek Tiwari, Yogi Trivedi, Prabhu Prakash & Rahul Sachdev On the EOS R6

Canon India with Nitin Arora, Abhishek Tiwari, Yogi Trivedi, Prabhu Prakash & Rahul Sachdev On the EOS R6, Shows “Reviews In the Field” from a hands-on find out how the camera performed in stills and video with the Technology, On the EOS R6.

From Canon India:

Canon India with Abhishek Tiwari On the EOS R6 “Photography & Filmmaking”:

“Join Abhishek Tiwari, a fashion photographer and a filmmaker, as he captures great shots while describing why EOS R6 is an ideal camera for outstanding quality in video. He did a couple shoot and was really overwhelmed with features like 4k @ 60FPS & Full HD @120FPS.”

Canon India with Yogi Trivedi On the EOS R6 “Photography & Filmmaking”:

“Photographer & filmmaker, Yogi Trivedi (@Oragraphy) explains the essence of having the right vision and equipment to get iconic shots. Join him while he shares his hands-on experience with the revolutionary EOS R6 that adds a whole new dimension to storytelling. It comes with a 20.1 megapixel full-frame sensor resulting in grabbing spot-on colours. Challenges with handheld shooting have been curbed by its 8-stops IBIS, which means one can drop down that external Image stabilizer without a worry. Being lightweight, it’s the best for those long extended unavoidable shoots. Watch the video now and know more about this beauty.”

Canon India with Prabhu Prakash On the EOS R6 “Wedding Photography”:

“Catch Prabu Prakash (@Prabhu Prakash), a wedding photographer who feels equipment play a major role in raising the bar of photography. In weddings, there are no retakes, each and every moment has to be captured there and then.”

“Prabhu describes EOS R6 as his best partner to capture each and every moment with its superb feature of Head and Eye Detection, even if the subject is moving. Adding to that, Dual Card slots is certainly a cherry on the cake.”

Canon India with Rahul Sachdev On the EOS R6 “Wildlife Photography”:

“Watch Rahul Sachdev, a wildlife photographer, test the all new EOS R6 and talk about its exceptionally good features which are apt for wildlife photography.”

“ISO, Auto Focus and FPS are the three key elements for Wild Life Photography, and he was amazed by all these features while he was walking into Karanala Bird Sanctuary. He experienced great bird sighting, and with this gear in his hand, he was able to track them in moving boat with Animal Eye detection feature superbly.”

VIA: Canon India