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Canon Japan: “Mirrorless Technology” On the EOS M5, EOS M6 & EOS M100

Canon Japan On the EOS M5, EOS M6 and EOS M100, Shows “Mirrorless Technology” from the City of Porto in Portugal with the Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology from no lag time On the Multi Pixel Phase Detection adopted from Flagship EOS Technology, for Photography & Video.

From Canon Japan:

“This movie is an advertisement for Canon’s mirrorless camera technology. It is set in the colorful town of Porto, which is also listed as a World Heritage Site.”

“A male tourist and a female resident of Porto each took an EOS M6 and EOS M100 and shot a series of photographs of scenes that made impressions on them.”

“We hope you will enjoy these photos shot with Canon’s mirrorless camera equipped with our Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology which is adopted in EOS flagship models.”

VIA: Canon Japan