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Canon Korea: “Real World Test Guide” On the EOS R5 & EOS R6

Canon Korea On the EOS R5 & EOS R6, Shows “Real World Test Guide” from a walk-through test guide find out how the features and settings perform in this everyday episode series with the Technology, On the EOS R5 & EOS R6.

From Canon Korea:

Canon Korea Episode 2 On the EOS R6 “Animal Detection AF”:

“Dog and cat butlers pay attention!, When taking a cute pet video with the EOS R6, Did you wonder if animal eye detection AF works well?.”

Canon Korea Episode 3 On the EOS R6 “Tracking + 20 Continuous Shooting Performance”:

“With SERVO AF even in high-speed continuous shooting at up to 20fps the EOS R6’s AF performance that doesn’t miss moving body tracking.”

Canon Korea Episode 4 On the EOS R5 & EOS R6 “AF Comparison”:

“Is there any difference in AF tracking performance between EOS R5 and EOS R6? to track the head and eyes of a boxer, check out the video AF comparison video.”

Canon Korea Episode 5 On the EOS R6 “High Sensitivity Noise Suppression Test”:

“A dark interior or a dark night in the sun. How much is the low-light shooting performance of the EOS R6? Check the noise comparison video by sensitivity.”

Canon Korea Episode 6 On the EOS R5 “When to use the EF Lens”:

“Even if you use an EF lens as a mount adapter for Canon EOS R5, I tested whether camera shake, high-speed continuous shooting, and fast AF work well.”

Canon Korea Episode 7 On the EOS R5 “AF during Movie Shooting”:

“Even when shooting 8K movies with the Canon EOS R5 to track subjects smoothly and accurately I tested that dual pixel AF works well.”

Canon Korea Episode 8 On the EOS R6 “Image Quality, How Sharp will it be?”:

“If the pixels are low, will the sharpness of the image quality decrease? the clear picture quality of the Canon EOS R6 with approximately 220,000 pixels Check out the test video.”

Canon Korea Episode 9 On the EOS R6 “Quality Of the Captured 8K Image”:

“The quality of the frame-extracted image after 8K video recording is Compared to normal JPG images, How much difference will there be when cropping an 8K video and a 4K video?”

VIA: Canon Korea