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Canon Korea: “Shaman and the Photographer” with Youngho Kang On the EOS 1D X Mark III

Canon Korea with Youngho Kang On the EOS 1D X Mark III, Shows “Shaman and the Photographer” from a behind-the-scenes look at the performance from National Theater Yeo-Rak Festival ‘The Secret and the Soul’ find out how the production was filmed with the Technology, On the EOS 1D X Mark III.

From Canon Korea:

“It is part of the 2020 National Theater Yeo-Rak Festival-‘The Secret and the Soul’, performed by Manshin Lee Hae-kyung and photographer Youngho Kang. With the support of Canon Korea Consumer Imaging and National Theater, Song Geun-seok (John Stone) filmed and edited. Canon EOS-1DX Mark III was used for all video recording.”

VIA: Canon Korea