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Canon Mexico: “Exploring Photography Genres” On the EOS Equipment

Canon Mexico from “Exploring Photography Genres” with Travel, Food, Sports, Pets, Music, Family and Adventure with a series of Photographers over a journey of Images told from “A Photographer Who Knows No Limits”, “The Story Of a Taxi Driver Photographer”, “The Orchestra Of Musicians”, “Food Photography”, “Baby Portraits”, “Photographer Diego Arana”, “Dog Photography” and “The Story Of García” Photography, On the EOS Equipment.

From Canon Mexico:

Canon Mexico “A Photographer Who Knows No Limits”:

“Even without light you can make great photos, learn about the history of this photographer with a very special capacity.”

Canon Mexico “The Story Of a Taxi Driver Photographer”:

“Happiness can be a destination or a journey where you can take pictures during the trip.”

Canon Mexico “The Orchestra Of Musicians”:

“Musical notes perceived through images.”

Canon Mexico “Food Photography”:

“The love of sight is born and Gaby Murillo knows it very well, when exploring the gastronomy of the world with her lens.”

Canon Mexico “Baby Portraits”:

“Thanks to the lens for being a witness, in the foreground of life.”

Canon Mexico “Photographer Diego Arana”:

“Being on the court and capturing every detail, is also being part of the team.”

Canon Mexico “Dog Photography”:

“The world is better with pictures of puppies.”

Canon Mexico “The Story Of García”:

“Photographs may unify a surname. With a photograph, you can unify a family bond.”

VIA: Canon Mexico