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Canon Nederland: “EOS Cinema Testdrive” On the EOS C100 Mark II, C200 & C300 Mark II

Canon Nederland On the EOS C100 Mark II, EOS C200 and EOS C300 Mark II, Shows “EOS Cinema Testdrive” Masterclasses, from a line-up of EOS Cinema Equipment with Videographer and Post Production Specialists from Canon Testdrives.

From Canon Nederland:

“During the Canon test drives, lovers of photography (and film) can test products and get advice before purchasing a new camera. Ideal right? During the Canon EOS Cinema test drive, the EOS Cinema line-up was tested with, among other things, the Canon EOS C200. In addition to a demonstration by videographer Eric van Vuuren, post-production was also extensively treated by post-production specialist Joost van der Hoeven.”

VIA: Canon Nederland