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Canon Nederland: “EOS Cinema Testdrive” Masterclass On the EOS Cinema Cameras

Canon Nederland with Eric Van Vuuren and Joost van der Hoeven On the EOS C100 Mark II, EOS C200 and EOS C300 Mark II, Shows “EOS Cinema Testdrive” for a line-up of EOS Cinema Equipment, from Masterclasses with Videographers and Post Production Specialists with Canon Testdrives.

From Canon Nederland:

“During the Canon test drives, lovers of photography (and film) can test products and get advice before purchasing a new camera. Ideal right? During the Canon EOS Cinema test drive, the EOS Cinema line-up was tested with, among other things, the Canon EOS C200. In addition to a demonstration by videographer Eric van Vuuren, post-production was also extensively treated by post-production specialist Joost van der Hoeven.”

VIA: Canon Nederland