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Canon Netherlands: “Volcanoes Of Vanuatu” with Ulla Lohmann On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon Netherlands with Ulla Lohmann On the EOS 5D Mark IV, Shows “Volcanoes Of Vanuatu” in the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, Ulla Lohmann Expedition Photographer takes pictures from inside a Volcano, against 1200 degree heat from 50 meters away, On the EOS 5D Mark IV.

From Canon Netherlands:

“Expedition photographer and photojournalist Ulla Lohmann was one of the first to use the EOS 5D Mark IV, putting it to the hardest test she could imagine. We discover the challenges she faced when taking Canon’s latest member of the 5D family to the volcanoes of Vanuatu…”

“The South Pacific is known for its azure blue seas, white sandy beaches and islands romanticised in folklore. But there’s another, far more malevolent, side to this part of the world and it’s just where Ulla Lohmann prefers to spend her time. If you look hard enough, at the top of one of the many volcanoes that pepper the 82 islands making up the Vanuatu archipelago, you might just spot our intrepid Canon Explorer, with camera in hand…”

VIA: Canon Netherlands