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Canon New Zealand: “How to Start in Photography” with Bayly & Moore

Canon New Zealand with Bayly & Moore, Shows “How to Start in Photography” from a talk with how to start in photography find out how to sell your business and develop your photography skill to clients in this talk, with Si Moore.

From Canon New Zealand:

“A successful photography business is more like a touring indie band than you realise… On today’s show we’re chatting with Si Moore, one half of legendary wedding photography duo Bayly & Moore about the importance of making work that people can be fans of. Si is no stranger to podcasts and he certainly delivery the goods today, making my job as a host about as easy as it’s going to get!”

“If you’ve ever had a potential client email just asking “how much will this cost?” and it seems like they’ve sent the same email to 10 other photographers, this episode is for you. Si tells us why we should be aiming to “make fans always” because when someone is a fan of your work, they make decisions based on their heart, not their head…”

VIA: Canon New Zealand