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Canon New Zealand: “Portrait Photography Episode 2” with Anupam Singh

Canon New Zealand with Ben Journee & Anupam Singh, Shows “Portrait Photography Episode 2” from this weeks episode find out the best tips for location scouting, equipment and techniques shooting portrait photography, with Anupam Singh.

From Canon New Zealand:

“This week we’re continuing our three part series on portrait photography with fashion photographer Anupam Singh.”

“This week is for the aspiring professional. If you’ve just booked your first job, or you want to organise a styled shoot for your portfolio, this episode is full of great insight for you. We talk about what equipment to bring on set, how to work effectively with your talent and your team, how to location scout and more.”

“Join us next week when we go even deeper and find out to grow and thrive as a working portrait & fashion photographer.”

VIA: Canon New Zealand