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Canon New Zealand: “Printing In a Digital World” with Jim Pollard

Canon New Zealand with Jim Pollard & Ben Journee Shows “Printing In a Digital World” from this weeks episode find out the best steps with taking a digital image to print for clients and your work in this talk, with Ben Journee.

From Canon New Zealand:

“With our interactions, conversations, work and play in 2020 being experienced more through a screen than ever before, it’s easy to forget the difference a physical experience can make. On today’s show we’re talking with Jim Pollard, internationally acclaimed wedding photographer and co-owner of New Zealand’s first and only Pic-Time approved print and frame house.”

“We talk about how seeing your work off the screen, printed and framed on the wall can give you a whole new appreciation for your photography. And how the integration of Pic-Time to offer automated printing services for your clients can offer a much needed income boost in times like these!”

VIA: Canon New Zealand