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Canon Philippines: “Photography & Video Masterclass Series Season 2”

Canon Phillipines with Ezra Acayan, Borj Meneses, Dennis Abad, Jer Sandel, Say Tioco, James Ona, Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza, Per-Andre Hoffmann, Paolo Duterte, MJ Mafori, Marvin Noscal, Dail Deri, Clark Sarmenta & Kenneth Hao, Shows “Photography & Video Masterclass Series Season 2” from photography and video tutorials find out the best techniques for your stills and video in this masterclass series.

From Canon Phillipines:

Canon Phillipines with Borj Meneses On the EOS 5D Mark IV “The Art of Headshot”:

“Excited to learn “The Art of Headshot” from no other than #CanonProfessionalShooter, Borj Meneses.”

Canon Phillipines with Dennis Abad On the EOS C100 “Basic Video Storytelling in the Digital Era”:

“Learn how to create great stories for your video content directly from #CanonProfessionalShooter, Dennis Abad!”

Canon Phillipines with Jer Sandel On the EOS R “Capturing Unique & Decisive Moments During Photowalks”:

“Calling all street photography enthusiasts! Learn from #CanonProfessionalShooter, Jer Sandel, how to capture unique and decisive moments during photowalks!”

Canon Phillipines with Say Tioco “Everyday Vlogging at Home”:

“Are you ready to get tips and learn techniques on how you can vlog while at home? Make sure you attend tonight’s digital masterclass with Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero!”

Canon Phillipines with James Ona On the EOS 5D Mark IV “The Corporate Portraiture Workflow”:

“Planning to level up your portraiture photography? Make sure to attend the digital masterclass of #CanonProfessionalShooter, James Ona!”

Canon Phillipines with Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza On the EOS 5D Mark III “Husband & Wife Photography For Business & Leisure”:

“Planning to start a photography business? Then you shouldn’t miss the digital masterclass of #CanonProfessionalShooters, Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza!”

Canon Phillipines with Per-Andre Hoffmann On the EOS R “How to do Creative Lighting in Travel Photography”:

“Learn from #CanonCrusaderofLight, Per-Andre Hoffmann on how to do creative lighting in travel photography!”

Canon Phillipines with Paolo Duterte “Beyond the Wall: Shooting Cityscape”:

“Get tips from Cagayan De Oro based #CanonProfessionalShooter, Gian Paolo Duterte on how to capture impressive cityscapes!”

Canon Phillipines with MJ Marfori On the EOS M100 “How to Create Cohesive Visual Video Narratives”:

“Are you a big fan video storytelling? Then you shouldn’t miss the digital masterclass of #CanonProfessionalShooter and Media Personality, MJ Marfori!”

Canon Phillipines with Marvin Noscal On the EOS RP “Capturing Beautiful Bridal Portraits”:

“Learn from #CanonProfessionalShooter, Marvin Noscal owner of MANO Creative Studios, how to capture beautiful bridal portraits using the #Canon EOS RP.”

Canon Phillipines with Dail Deri “Creative Light Painting”:

“Learn how to do light painting photography while at home from #CanonProfessionalShooter, Dail Deri!”

Canon Phillipines with Clark Sarmenta On the EOS R “Tips & Tricks: Basic and Advanced Essential Wedding Workflow”:

“Are you a fan of wedding photography? You shouldn’t miss this masterclass of #CanonProfessionalShooter, Clark Sarmenta!”

Canon Phillipines with Kenneth Hao “Lighting the Miniature World”:

“Learn more about miniature photography with #CanonProfessionalShooter, Kenneth Hao, all the way from Davao City!”

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