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Canon Switzerland: “Swiss Air” Production On the EOS C300 Mark II

Canon Switzerland and LAUSCHSICHT with Kevin Blanc On the EOS C300 Mark II, Shows “Swiss Air” from Kevin Blanc from the Process with Swiss Air from a Behind the Scenes On the EOS C300 Mark II, in partnership with Canon Switzerland.

From Canon Switzerland & LAUSCHSICHT:

“We’ve been shooting with Canon since the introduction of the 5D Mark II. We always loved the image, the look, the skin tones. We were fans of the full frame advantage, its low light performance. We would have used a different camera if there wasn’t Magic Lantern available. This gave us more options and a so much better image than the H.264 that we didn’t feel like going with the C300. It just didn’t add enough benefits compared to losing full frame and adding quite a bit of weight and size.”

“This changed with the Canon EOS C300 Mark II. The specs are convincing and we therefore got in touch with Canon Switzerland and asked if we could work together on an project. Thats how we got to this point.”

“My impression after shooting for more than 15 days is very positive. It’s just a lovely camera. I love the form factor, I like the grip, I like the handle. The viewfinder is great, the buttons are at the right place. I always liked the C300 and the new one is no exception. It’s very subjective but I just like how it feels, it’s compact, it works with the VF, it is well balanced when used with a gimbal, it is also good on a slider. It just feels right.”

VIA: Canon Switzerland & LAUSCHSICHT