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Canon USA: On Auto Focus, Color Gamut & Broadcast Lens Technology

Canon USA On the Auto Focus Technology, Shows “Dual Pixel Autofocus”, “Color Gamut” and “Broadcast Lenses” for Photography and Cinematography from Individual Videos from Advancements over 30 years with Auto Focus Features, Technology and Broadcast Lenses.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA “Dual Pixel Autofocus”:

Even with today’s advancements in digital photography and cinematography, being precisely in focus isn’t that easy – especially when doing it alone. But there’s no more need to fear autofocus with dual pixel CMOS autofocus from Canon. Watch the video to see how this unique feature can help you keep focus on both your subject and your artistic vision.

Canon USA “Color Gamut”:

“The quest for great color in motion imaging has spanned more than a century. And now, color is better than ever with Canon’s wide selection of color gamuts. This video suggests how these choices can enrich your movie and television productions.”

Canon USA “Broadcast Lenses”:

“Learn about Canon’s lineup of Broadcast lenses.”

VIA: Canon USA