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Canon USA: “Discover the EOS RP Camera” with Jon Lorentz

Canon USA with Jon Lorentz On the EOS RP, Shows “Discover the new Canon EOS RP” from the full-frame mirrorless Technology and RF Lenses find out the new features and benefits, On the EOS RP.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Features”:

“Get acquainted with Canon’s newest full-frame mirrorless camera and its benefits, including tremendous image quality, low light sensitivity, and compact size.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Full Frame Advantage”:

“Learn how the EOS RP’s full-frame image sensor helps to bring more light, more lens options, more detail, and less noise to your pictures.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Lens Options”:

“The EOS RP lets you take advantage of Canon’s complete line-up of RF, EF & EF-S lenses, giving you remarkable creative options.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Mirrorless Benefits”:

“The EOS RP camera features the latest mirrorless lens, camera, and imaging technologies—in a small, quiet, and affordable package.”

VIA: Canon USA