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Canon USA: “EOS M Series Technology” On the EOS M10, EOS M6 & EOS M5

Canon USA On the EOS M10, EOS M6, EOS M5 and EF-M Lens System, Shows “EOS M Series Technology”, “The Entry Level Canon EOS M10”, “The Advanced Canon EOS M6”, “The Advanced Canon EOS M5”, “The Canon EF-M Lens System”, “The Canon EOS M-Series Built-in Wi-Fi” and “The Wi-Fi Connection Process” from Videos On the EOS M Series and EF-M Lens System, with Wi-Fi Features for Apple and Android Smartphones & Tablets On the EOS M Series.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA “The Entry Level Canon EOS M10”:

“This video explains how the Canon EOS M10 camera is perfect for entry-level photographers, who want to make an upgrade from their smartphone cameras. This video highlights the M10’s simple but full traditional control layout, Wi-Fi and LCD touch screen capabilities, the ability to shoot specific subjects or scenes, creative filters, as well as other special features.”

Canon USA “The Advanced Canon EOS M6”:

“In this video, we look at the Canon EOS M6 camera, which maximizes user control with its impressive touchscreen LCD monitor. The monitor allows the user to select through menus, swipe through for playback, and focus on different areas of a photo. In addition to this camera being excellent in low light, it’s also designed for quick shutter speed, aperture, and exposure changes.”

Canon USA “The Advanced Canon EOS M5”:

“Join us as we take a look at Canon EOS M5’s special features and capabilities, such as its autofocus versatility, super high-resolution image quality, the central dial button, image stabilizer and its built in electronic eye-level viewfinder.”

Canon USA “The Canon EF-M Lens System”:

“In this video, you’ll learn about 7 different lenses included in the EF-M Lens Series, including the special 22mm and 28mm IS Macro lenses. Also covered in this video is the optional mount adapter EF-EOSM, that lets you attach any Canon EF lens typically used on DSLRs, to an EOS M Series model.”

Canon USA “The Canon EOS M-Series Built-in Wi-Fi”:

“This video highlights the Canon Camera Connect app and Canon’s Built-In WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, including sharing photos from your camera to your mobile device, transfer photos between devices, print directly from a camera, and control your camera remotely.”

Canon USA “The Wi-Fi Connection Process”:

“Using this step-by-step video, learn how to wirelessly connect your compatible Apple or Android smartphone/tablet to Canon’s EOS M6 and M5 cameras with the Canon Camera Connect app.”

VIA: Canon USA