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Canon USA: “Field 2 Frame: Episode Three” with Paul Seibert & Ben Strauss

Canon USA with Paul Seibert & Ben Strauss, Shows “Field 2 Frame: Episode Three” from this episode in Rocky Mountains National Park find out the best tips from field to print with the Technology, On the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000.

From Canon USA:

“Follow along as Paul Seibert and Ben Strauss spend the weekend exploring their own backyard in Rocky Mountain National Park. Ben, a Colorado native, shares insights and expertise with Paul who is new to the area. The pair start with a hike that Ben has taken multiple times without his camera, but he has since heard of a new vantage point that might warrant bringing the camera along this time.”

“As the two set out to see this new area for themselves, Paul and Ben hope to capture Gem Lake in a way neither of them has before. Ben’s expertise really shines the following morning as the two reach a metaphoric fork in the road. Paul and Ben’s combined sensitivity to the need to adapt results in a last-minute change of plans as the two decide to chase a fog inversion forming in the distance. A discussion ensues on the pros and cons of having a plan and sticking with it, as well as being able to adapt and chase other locations when conditions change. Despite the risk of missing the intended photo opportunity, the two end up capturing some unexpected and beautiful images.”

“A few weeks later, Paul uses his Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 to print one of Ben’s images from their time together, and delivers the print to Ben as a surprise.”

VIA: Canon USA