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Canon USA: “Firmware Update” On the EOS C70

Canon USA On the EOS C70, Shows “Firmware Update” from find out the cameras recording options including 12-bit Cinema RAW Light, Interval Frame Recording modes and better paired features for workflows with the Technology, On the EOS C70, EOS C500 Mark II & EOS C300 Mark III.

From Canon USA:

“The new firmware update for the EOS C70 4K Digital Cinema Camera implements sought after features such as Cinema RAW Light internal recording as well as Frame and Interval recording modes. The added features allow the EOS C70 to be better paired with the EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III workflows, and come as a direct result of end-user feedback from professionals.

The addition of Cinema RAW Light internal recording allows capturing 12-bit Cinema RAW Light internally to compatible SD cards. Cinema RAW Light captures the widest dynamic range from the Dual Gain Output sensor (16+ stops total) and allows the most flexibility to grade captured content.

The addition of Frame and Interval Recording modes is a direct result of user feedback, and adds even more recording flexibility to the EOS C70 camera by allowing easy creation of stop motion and time-lapse sequences when recording in the XF-AVC and MP4 formats. Frame recording is for stop motion capture, and every press of the record button captures a user-determined number of frames. Interval Recording sets the interval and number of frames to be captured for time-lapse sequences.”

VIA: Canon USA