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Canon USA: “How to Capture Fast Action” with Atiba Jefferson

Canon USA with Atiba Jefferson, Shows “How to Capture Fast Action” from action photography find out the best tips and tricks to shoot sports or action photographs with flash-lights and lenses in this Get Up & Go Event with the Technology, On the EOS R3.

From Canon USA:

“Capture all of the action! Whether photographing sports, wildlife, children….or skateboarding, get professional tips at Canon’s FREE Get Up & Go photography event on October 21st as we livestream from Primitive Skatepark in Los Angeles, CA. Go all out with Canon Explorer of Light Atiba Jefferson as he captures action shots and portraits of professional skateboarders.”

“Get past the velvet ropes (virtually) into this exclusive skatepark and see how Atiba captures the incredible skateboarding images he’s famous for. Atiba will talk about how he got started, the cameras in his gear bag, and what it takes to get the look you want.”

VIA: Canon USA