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Canon USA: Overview of the EOS Cinema Range & Lenses

Canon USA On the Cinema EOS Range and Lenses For the Photographer, Cinematographer, Videographer and Broadcasters with more than 75 Years of manufacturing Photographic Lenses for Still Professionals, Canon USA Shows the product lines and current ranges from EOS Products and Equipment.

From Canon USA:

“Whether you are a photographer, cinematographer, videographer, or broadcaster, the first step you take to capture your image is to decide what lens to use. At Canon, we call this approach Glass First, and it is the philosophy that has inspired our entire line of optics for more than 75 years.”

Canon USA “Glass First”:

Canon has worked with leading broadcasters for over 50 years to perfect a line of lenses that are just as fast, sharp, and nimble as the professionals who use them. Whether for sporting events, news programs, or live televised broadcasts, Canon’s optics will help you go wherever the story takes you.

Canon USA “Glass First”:

“For more than 75 years, Canon has been making lenses for still photographers, who take them to the far corners of the Earth to capture their best shots. Check out some of their brilliant images shot with Canon’s EF lenses.”

Canon USA “Glass First”:

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