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Canon USA: “Photography Tips & Techniques Part 3” with Canon Explorers Of Light

Canon USA with Vanessa Joy, Susan Stripling, Alex and Whitney Douglas & Roberto Valenzuela, Shows “Photography Tips & Techniques Part 3” from this years WPPI 2020 find out the best photography tips at this years event, with Canon Explorers of Light.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA with Vanessa Joy “Posing Tips”:

“Canon Explorer of Light Vanessa Joy teaches techniques for getting the expression you want from a couple that you are photographing. Help your clients remember how they felt in the moment by understanding their style, personality, and attaching emotion to the photos you capture.”

Canon USA with Susan Stripling “Learn Insider Techniques of Wedding Boudoir”:

“Canon Explorer of Light Susan Stripling discusses her approach towards clients and wedding boudoir. Originally presented at WPPI 2020 in Las Vegas, follow along as Susan talks about pricing, working with clients, how she shoots this type of style and more!”

Canon USA with Susan Stripling “The Business Side of Wedding Photography”:

“Canon Explorer of Light Susan Stripling speaks about her business model for success in this industry. Watch as Susan discusses her approach from her well curated website to her efforts in creating a relationship with her clients, and learn how you can implement these ideas into your business plan.”

Canon USA with Alex and Whitney Douglas “Capture & Keep the Attention of Your Clients”:

“Watch as Canon Experts Alex and Whitney Douglas present their lecture on the power of video and how they document the matrimony and story of two people. Originally presented at WPPI in Las Vegas.”

Canon USA with Roberto Valenzuela “Making Posing Problems a Thing of the Past “:

“Canon Explorer of Light Roberto Valenzuela discusses the importance of color and everything that goes into a portrait. Watch as he builds light to create the perfect shot. Originally presented at WPPI in Las Vegas.”

VIA: Canon USA