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Canon USA: “See Beyond Darkness” On the ME20F-SH & EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon USA with Klaus Obermeyer and Andy Casagrande On the ME20F-SH & EOS 1D X Mark II, Shows “See Beyond Darkness” from minimal conditions Andy Casagrande demonstrates the Technology Features for Photographers and Cinematographers, to see beyond the natural eye in low-light environments.

From Canon USA:

“Utilizing the ME20 low-light camera enabled researchers to capture crisp, vivid images of the turtle in its natural habitat, enabling further study and research of this critically endangered species.”

“This “Behind the Scenes” video chronicles the expedition and the adventure of recording what had previously been beyond perception. Hear how “See Beyond Darkness” Director Klaus Obermeyer and Cinematographer Andy Casagrande utilized Canon technology and what the incredible images mean to researchers and cinematographers alike.”

Canon USA with Andy Casagrande On the ME20F-SH & EOS 1DX Mark II “See Beyond Darkness”:

In “See Beyond Darkness,” the impossible assignment for Director of Photography Andy Casagrande was to record images of a rare biofluorescent turtle found only in the remote, unspoiled reefs of the Solomon Islands. The low-light capabilities of Canon’s ME20F-SH Multipurpose Camera and EOS-1D X DSLR camera enabled researchers to capture vivid images without disturbing the natural environment.

“To have Canon step in and facilitate an expedition like “See Beyond Darkness” is incredible. It’s the perfect marriage of cinema and science,” said Casagrande. “When you pair those two together, the opportunities are endless. You can inspire the world to care about the planet.”

“This technology allows us to see things that are beyond human perception. We’re seeing creatures and coral and turtles that we never knew existed,” said Klaus Obermeyer, Director of “See Beyond Darkness.” “We always knew the underwater world is something mysterious, but when you’re taking a camera in that can see in the dark, it’s truly, truly a rare opportunity.”

Canon USA On the ME20F-SH, EOS C300 Mark II & EOS 1D X “See the Light”:

“In See the Light, Canon’s technology captured the beauty of bioluminescent creatures under the sea, the grandeur of the extremely difficult-to-photograph Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), and the wonder of the earth from far above it, as featured in the recent IMAX® film A Beautiful Planet.”

“Each video cinematically illustrates Canon’s dedication to developing leading-edge technology that can provide creative thinkers the tools needed to teach, show, and capture for the world some of its most unexplored locales. The technology used by Canon to create these videos takes viewers to seemingly impossible dark places that were previously beyond what the human eye could see and technology could perceive. Specifically, the remarkable advancement in low-light technology found in the Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose camera plays a feature role in the two new videos. Furthermore, Canon’s EOS C300 Mark II, ME20F-SH, and EOS 1D X were used to capture all of the imagery in See The Light.”

VIA: Canon USA