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Canon USA: “Shooting Productions” with Maker Studios On the XA25 & EOS C300

Canon USA and Maker Studios On the XA25 and EOS C300, Shows “Shooting Productions” with over 4.5 Billion monthly views and 340 million+ Subscribers, Maker Studios with the Production Content from how EOS Technology reduced schedules.

From Canon USA:

“Maker Studios is a next-generation media and technology company, home to online video’s top digital stars, channels, and content. Partnered with over 50,000 content creators, Maker produces and distributes a wide range of programming across genres, which means quick turnarounds and real-time shooting schedules for the Maker crew. Hear from Sam Macaroni (Producer/Director), Jessicah Filipas (Post Production Manager), and Layne Pavoggi (Director/Camera Operator) about how Canon’s XA25 and EOS C300 help them produce high-quality content in a fast-paced environment. Then, visit to check out their work.”

VIA: Canon USA