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Canon USA: “Sumire Prime Lenses Demo Footage” with Matt Porwoll

Canon USA with Matt Porwoll On the Sumire Prime Lenses, Shows “Sumire Prime Lenses Demo Footage” from delivering tack-sharp focus quality with a beautiful bokeh find out how the lenses perform in various lighting with the Technology, On the Sumire Prime Lenses.

From Canon USA:

“Canon’s Sumire Prime Lenses provide an ideal blend of art and science. Combining the precision engineering to deliver tack-sharp focus with beautiful bokeh to stylistically blur the background of a scene, these lenses give cinematographers a set of tools to create stunning imagery on a variety of projects. Cinematographer Matt Porwoll was among the first people in the world to get his hands on these lenses, and he filmed a collection of scenes in various lighting conditions with varying skin tones to illustrate the strength and style that Sumire lenses provide. Watch to see how these lenses achieved a unique, artistically-pleasing look along with the same warm color science for which Canon is known and celebrated.”

VIA: Canon USA