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Canon USA: “Tech Tips Guide” with Rudy Winston

Canon USA with Rudy Winston Shows “Tech Tips”, from a breakdown of useful tips and settings for photography and video find out the best options in these quick tips guides with the Technology, On the EOS R System.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA with Rudy Winston “Selecting Shutter Modes”:

“Among the wealth of features on modern mirrorless cameras are a choice of shutter operation modes. Which one to select? And why? This Canon Tech Tips video gives you a quick and insightful run-down of your options.”

Canon USA with Rudy Winston “Movie Digital IS”:

“Steady, shake-free video is one of the quickest ways to elevate the look and quality of your content. But the options for Image Stabilization in modern mirrorless cameras may seem confusing. Canon’s Movie Digital IS may be the answer, especially if you move while holding the camera. This Tech Tips video takes a quick but insightful look inside Movie Digital IS, and why you may want to begin using it when you record video imagery.”

Canon USA with Rudy Winston “Remote Control via WiFi”:

“his brief Tech Tips video explains how your smartphone or tablet can quickly become a remote controller for many Canon EOS and PowerShot cameras. It’s a fast and easy process, with Canon’s Camera Connect app installed on a compatible mobile device. Remotely operating your camera for still images or video can transform its possibilities, and we show you here how to do it with the device you probably have in your pocket right now.”

Canon USA with Rudy Winston “Subject Detection”:

“Especially for users entering mirrorless cameras from the digital SLR world, the concept of autofocus with Subject Detection and Eye Detection can seem a bit daunting. This quick Tech Tips video covers the basics of what’s possible, and how to set your modern EOS R-series camera to get there. Once you understand it, Subject Detect AF is a whole new world for photographers and video content creators!”

Canon USA with Rudy Winston “Understanding HDR Mode”:

“This Tech Tip dives into what we might think of as “conventional” High Dynamic Range imaging, within your Canon EOS camera. It’s available for video and still images and generates a finished, final image with added tonal details in bright and dark areas of a scene. There are actually multiple HDR options in some EOS R-series mirrorless cameras, and this episode gets you started with the first of these choices.”

VIA: Canon USA