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Canon USA: “Tutorial Function & Technology Series” On the EOS RP

Canon USA On the EOS RP, Shows “WiFi Possibilities”, “Mobile Workflow”, “Shooting Portraits”, “Mobile Printing” “Shooting RAW”, “Shooting Landscapes” & “Still Life & Tabletop Photography” from tutorial series with a walk-through for the Features and Technology, On the EOS RP.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Mobile Workflow”:

“With the EOS RP and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional Express app, you can create great-looking images anywhere.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Shooting Portraits”:

“Use the EOS RP’s Portrait Scene Mode to get beautiful blurred-background photos of people.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Shooting RAW”:

“See how RAW can help capture incredible image detail, even when you’re mobile.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Shooting Landscapes”:

“The EOS RP has tools that can help you capture all the beauty around you.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Mobile Printing”:

“Edit and print your pictures wirelessly with the Canon EOS RP.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Still Life & Tabletop Photography”:

“The EOS RP has many features to allow you to capture sharp, beautiful close-ups of food, products and more.”

VIA: Canon USA