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Canon USA: “Tutorial Technology Features” On the EOS RP

Canon USA On the EOS RP, Shows “Shooting in Low Light”, “Vari-Angle LCD Monitor”, “Getting Results with Autofocus” & “Focus Bracketing” from a walk-through tutorial series with the Features and Technology, On the EOS RP.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Shooting in Low Light”:

“The EOS R has tools and technology to help in challenging low light scenarios.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Vari-Angle LCD Monitor”:

“The EOS RP’s versatile LCD monitor lets you capture shots from ANY angle.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Getting Results with Autofocus”:

“The EOS RP has impressive AF features, to help you get sharp pictures.”

Canon USA On the EOS RP “Focus Bracketing”:

“Learn how to sharpen your images with this feature built into the EOS RP.”

VIA: Canon USA