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Canon USA: “USC School of Cinematic Arts” On the EOS C300 Mark II, XC15 & REALiS WUX Projectors

Canon USA On the EOS C300 Mark II, XC15 & REALiS Multimedia WUX Projectors, Shows “USC School of Cinematic Arts” from USC Film School with the EOS Technology and equipment for the next generation of Filmmakers, On the EOS C300 Mark II & XC15.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA with Andrew Leist On the “REALiS Multimedia WUX Projectors”:

“One of the most prestigious film schools in the country, the USC School of Cinematic Arts utilizes Canon REALiS Multimedia Projectors to help display student work. Learn how the color accuracy and image quality of these projectors provide a vital tool for the students and faculty.”

VIA: Canon USA