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Canon USA: “Utilizing Canon Cinema RAW Light for Events” with Lindsey Conklin

Canon USA with Lindsey Conklin, Shows “Utilizing Canon Cinema RAW Light for Events” from settings and post-production in Cinema RAW Light, find out the best tips for RAW file editing, grading and setup for optimal picture quality and delivery of footage.

From Canon USA:

“”Lindsey Conklin is an award-winning destination wedding videographer and founder of Le Rêve Films. In this video, Lindsey shares his experience using Canon’s Cinema RAW Light codec and why he chooses to film all of their weddings in this format.

“Recording in a RAW video format ensures optimum control over picture quality and enables creative and technical decisions to be made later in post-production. Previously, that flexibility had come at the price of large file sizes, making the storage and transfer of 4K RAW files on location and in the edit suite a challenge. Canon’s Cinema RAW Light format alleviates this problem, offering a significant reduction in file size without sacrificing image quality or grading. This provides Lindsey and Le Rêve Films the ability to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments in unpredictable and uncontrollable lighting environments and deliver beautiful footage.”

VIA: Canon USA