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Canon USA: “Virtual Reality” 2017 NAB Event with Alex Sax On the EOS C300 Mark II

Canon USA with Alex Sax and Radiant Images On the EOS C300 Mark II, REALiS Projectors & The Sense 9, Shows “Virtual Reality” from Immersive Virtual Reality Experience with Radiant Images for Cinematic Cameras to create VR/AR/360-degree content, from the 2017 NAB Event.

From Canon USA:

“Take part in an immersive VR experience, featuring a Radiant Images VR rig with Canon EOS C300 Cameras and REALiS Projectors inside a 360-degree dome. See how Canon collaborates with partners to deliver next-gen solutions, and learn about our continuing commitment to being at the forefront of imaging technology.”

VIA: Canon USA