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Canon USA: “World Car Award Commercial” On the EOS C700 & EOS C200

Canon USA with Andy Taylor ACS Shows the Jaguar On the EOS C700 & EOS C200, Shows F-PACE “World Car Award Commercial” Behind the Scenes in New Zealand Queenstown, Directed by Brett Danton and Creative Director Matt Johnston Spark 44. Behind the scenes with a comparison from Cinema RAW Light, On the EOS C200.

From Canon USA:

Canon USA with Brett Danton On the EOS C700 & EOS C200 “Jaguar F-PACE World Car Award Commercial”:

“Behind the scenes shot by Andy Taylor ACS using Canon EOS C700, commercial shot using the C200 Commercial shot using the Canon EOS C200 in Cinema RAW light with a few shots also on the EOS C700 in Queenstown New Zealand.”

VIA: Canon USA