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Canon USA: Cinema EOS Showreel NAB 2015 Event

Canon USA On the Cinema EOS Professional range across Film, Documentaries and Television at this years 2015 NAB Trade Show Event, from Cinematographers as Stephen Goldblatt ASC BSC, David Klein ASC, Tom Hurwitz ASC, Steven … Read More

Redrock Micro: “Mad Max Fury Road” DSLR Rig Equipment

Redrock Micro On Equipment for the EOS DSLR and Cinema EOS Cameras, Redrock Micro with the process used in the Mad Max Fury Road used by the production crew with equipment for first person shooting. … Read More

Canon USA: “Transparent” with Jim Frohna On the EOS C500

Canon USA with Jim Frohna On the EOS C500, Shows “Transparent” from Behind the Scenes with Cinematographer Jim Frohna explains capturing intimate Scenes from the EOS C500, Winning the Best TV Series from … Read More

Canon USA: “4K, 2K, & HD Resolution” with Shane Hurlbut ASC, Sam Nicholson ASC & Dallas Sterling

Canon USA with Shane Hurlbut ASC, Sam Nicholson ASC, Dallas Sterling and Steven Poster, Shows “4K, 2K, & HD Resolution” from this years Cine Gear Expo with experiences in-between formats from Cinematography for … Read More

Canon USA: “Wish I Was Here” with Larry Sher ASC On the EOS 1DC, C300 & EOS 5D Mark III

Canon USA with Larry Sher ASC On the EOS 1DC, EOS C300 and EOS 5D Mark III, Shows “Wish I Was Here” from Behind the Scenes Seamlessly Blending 4K footage from the EOS Read More

Canon USA: CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Lens Features

Canon USA Introduces the CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Lens For Super35mm large-format Single-Sensor Cameras with EF and PL Mounts, Features a built in 1.5x Extender covering 75-1500mm from built-in 1.5x extender, for Nature Documentary and Sports … Read More

Canon USA: “Years Of Living Dangerously” with Rick Rowley On the Cinema EOS Cameras

Canon USA Shows “Years Of Living Dangerously” from Immersive look from the EMMY® Award Winning Production Series transition from the EOS Cameras into Cinema EOS Cameras, Rick Rowley explains the Production Process and limits … Read More

Canon USA: Salutes the 2014 EMMY® Awards Nominees

Canon USA Shows the nominees of the 2014 EMMY Awards, using Cinema EOS Equipment. Ranging from Professional to Cinema Lenses and Cameras across the Canon range on the set of Homeland nominated for … Read More

Canon USA: “Homeland Series” On the EOS Cinema Lenses, EOS 5D Mark III & EOS 1DC

Canon USA with David Klein ASC On the EOS 1DC, EOS 5D Mark III and EOS Cinema Lenses, Shows “Homeland Series” from 3rd season in the Series, with an in depth view of … Read More

Canon USA: “The Sacramant” with Eric Robbins On the EOS C300

Canon USA with Eric Robbins On the EOS C300, Shows “The Sacramant” from Documenting a friends missing sister from a commune led by a man only known as the “Father”, Eric Robbins On how … Read More

Canon USA: Overview of the EOS Cinema Range & Lenses

Canon USA On the Cinema EOS Range and Lenses For the Photographer, Cinematographer, Videographer and Broadcasters with more than 75 Years of manufacturing Photographic Lenses for Still Professionals, Canon USA Shows the product lines and … Read More

Canon USA: “Need For Speed” On the EOS C500 & EOS 1DC

Canon USA with Shane Hurlbut ASC On the EOS C500 and EOS 1DC Shows “Need For Speed” from Behind the Scenes, On the EOS Cinema Cameras, Directed by Scott Waugh with Aaron Paul from high-speed … Read More