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Canon USA: “Behind the Scenes” with Brent Ramsey On the DP-V2420 4K Reference Display

Canon USA with Brent Ramsey and Russel Carpenter ASC On the DP-V1710, DP-V2420 and DP-3010, Shows “Behind the Scenes” from Features, Technical Specifications and Technology with the recently Introduced 4K DP-V2420 Reference Display.… Read More

Canon USA: “Assignable Buttons” with Jem Schofield On the EOS C300 Mark II & MA-400

Canon USA with Jem Schofield On the EOS C300 Mark II, Shows “Assignable Buttons” from setup Production, with applying LUTs shortcuts to assignable Buttons or Functions. Jem Schofield with a quick overview, On the … Read More

Canon USA: “Vlogging” with Jem Schofield On the EOS M3

Canon USA with Jem Schofield On the EOS M3, Shows “Vlogging” from Vlogging Workflow with choosing inexpensive Lenses and setups for Vlogging, On the EOS M3 third-party rig options and the various setups used … Read More

Canon USA: “Canon Professional Services” Photo Plus Event

Canon USA and Canon Professional Service with PhotoPlus 2015 Event from Equipment evaluation including on-site Support and 24/7 CPS, For Image Professionals and discounted Equipment Maintenance and Repairs, from 4 main tariffs Silver, … Read More

Redrock Micro: “Mad Max Fury Road” DSLR Rig Equipment

Redrock Micro On Equipment for the EOS DSLR and Cinema EOS Cameras, Redrock Micro with the process used in the Mad Max Fury Road used by the production crew with equipment for first person shooting. … Read More

Canon Europe: “Live Stage Review” with Jörg Kyas, David Noton & Christopher Pillitz

Canon Europe and Photokina 2014 Event with Jörg Kyas, David Noton and Christopher Pillitz Shows “Live Stage Review”, “Editing A Shoot” from Shooting Techniques with Portraiture, Studio Lighting and Editing Tips, On the EOS Read More

Canon Europe: “Studio Portrait Workshops” with Christian Anderl

Canon Europe and Photokina 2014 Event with Christian Anderl, Shows “Studio Portrait Workshops” from Portrait Photography and Lighting Techniques On the Canon Speedlight Flashes, Christian Anderl, explains how to Light with sources of … Read More

Shane Hurlbut: “Acura Commercial” Leica Summilux CS Lenses For the EOS C500

Shane Hurlbut from Hurlbut Visuals gives a latest take on the new Leica Summilux CS Lenses for the EOS C500, Hurlbut explains the process with a new commercial for the car Manufacturer Acura on … Read More

Canon USA: “Shooting Productions” with Maker Studios On the XA25 & EOS C300

Canon USA and Maker Studios On the XA25 and EOS C300, Shows “Shooting Productions” with over 4.5 Billion monthly views and 340 million+ Subscribers, Maker Studios with the Production Content from how EOS Technology … Read More

Canon USA: “The Crew Behind VICE” On the EOS C300, 5D Mark III, XF105 & XF305

Canon USA with Jake Burghart, Jerry Riciotti and VICE On the EOS 5D Mark III, EOS C300, XF105 and XF305, Shows “The Crew Behind VICE” from Behind the Scenes with Director of … Read More