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Canon Switzerland: “Patrouille Swiss” Airshow On the EOS C700

Canon Switzerland and LAUSCHSICHT On the EOS C700, Shows “Patrouille Swiss” from Swiss Film Production Company in partnership with Canon Switzerland, Patrouille Suisse and SWISS Airlines, for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship in St. Moritz Switzerland.

From Canon Switzerland & LAUSCHSICHT:

“The task was to capture the spectacular airshow by SWISS and Patrouille Suisse performed during the World Ski Championship 2017 in St. Moritz. The target audience was very clear too: People fascinated by such an airshow. Our approach: To focus on the beauty of such a show. Moments, instead of action.”

“SWISS is the official airline of the World Ski Championship 2017. The formation flight was one of many highlights during the two weeks in St. Moritz.”

“We had two cameras on the ground, one inside the C Series cabin, a few GoPro’s in the cockpit and a few with the Patrouille Suisse Team. We shot four days but weather reduced our chances to two days. The edit was done in premiere with a roundtrip for grading in Resolve.”

“Canon Switzerland supported us with lenses and the new C700. It worked flawlessly. Just like a more powerful (and much heavier) C300 Mark II. We’re looking forward to try the RAW recording soon. This time we shot on C-Log2 with Canon’s MXF.”

VIA: Canon Switzerland & LAUSCHSICHT