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Terms Of Service

1. Terms Of Service

Please read carefully through the terms of service agreement below before
using any of the CanonBody services available at:

By using CanonBody service you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of
service agreement, these terms by non agreement do not bind any user
agreement rights to use the CanonBody registered service’s or to access
any service.

2. Right to Terms Of Service

We may add to the terms of service at any time, with holding the right to
change the terms of service, from here we advise users to review the terms
frequently at:

All use thereafter, is of user responsibility with the terms of service
agreement. Negligence of acknowledgment of the terms is the responsible of
in-action by the user.

3. The Service

With Compliance to the terms of service, the service may change or
discontinue features, we may add to certain content or limit availability.
Improving updates on current feature-sets at any given time at CanonBody.

We may have to restrict access to CanonBody without notice, prior during
limited availability the terms of service will still apply.

4. User Compliance

    As a Service we reserve the right to refuse registration, or obscene
    registration’s if deemed offensive to the environment, at our

    Strictly no obscene content, offensive, libelous, pornographic, racist
    profanity that undermines or violates the service.

    We as a service reserve the right to remove any content infringing upon
    individual rights or intellectual freedom.

    Abusive slander of any nature will not be tolerated. To intimidate,
    harass, or threaten of any kind is prohibited within the environment.

    CanonBody does not support multiple user ID account’s, mass or serial
    account registration can result in temporary removal or permanent ban.

    An intended or unreasonable attempt to interfere with the servers,
    spam, email, or robot of any kind, putting disproportionate strain, or load
    on the service.

    Under International law using our service you automatically bind to the
    terms of service agreement, no illegal unauthorized activity will take

    Submitting unauthorized marketing links or affiliate information within
    the service.

    Transmit any details or designed software to obtain account
    information, user effects, passwords or other intent to defraud details
    from CanonBody.

    Respect user Intellectual Copyrights, giving credit where due and
    appropriate to content and media.

5. Privacy Policy

Our current “Privacy Policy” is available at:

6. Copyright Infringement

We ask you support these intellectual freedoms where credit is due, we ask
every piece of media is credited to its creator.

This said we are a neutral entity regarding copyright infringement. Upon
the receipt of any infringement we will move in compliance with
International law to remove the infringement of rights to the individual.

We are living in an age where we need to look after our skills, the right
people need to be credited-If you believe your copyright has been infringed
in a way that constitutes your individual rights, we advise you to notify
us at

7. Disclaimer of Warranties

By viewing the service-site you are acknowledging the disclaimer.

Responsibility to the effect the information has on your action, or
interpretation as a result from reading information from their exposed to.
We disclaim all liability this may incur, and you will acknowledge that all
liability is disclaimed.

Note we have no prior knowing to use of access by user, we do not take
any liability, deemed offensive or inappropriate to an audience. By
accepting the terms of service you will release CanonBody
from any and all liability this may have upon a person, group, service,
company or organization.

We do not warrant the site may have down time due to natural or unnatural
consequence, our site and content is serviced on an
“As-is-when-available-basis”. We do not warrant the accuracy of the
information displayed or the fitness, quality, completeness,
merchantability, non-infringement or the material content kept up-to-date,
when available through the site and service.

We will not be held liable for damage’s that maybe, direct or indirectly
incurred from the service-site arising from any use.

8. Limited Liability

Within no event or circumstance with any other term’s of service at CanonBody -held liable, tort of strict contract-negligence or any other legal International theory.

Limited liability to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, of
third party associate, affiliate, content, comment, links including
third-party or other resources, with respect to the CanonBody

Whether consequential, incidental, punitive third-party or non-third-party
damage, intellectual, rights, goods, service, transactions, loss of profit
indirect-direct of individual, organization, company, business or
other. Including personal injury, harm, death resulting from the use of
service-site, or third party affiliation, and user.

By acknowledgement and agreement to the terms, you agree CanonBody Any use of the service is-at-your-sole-risk.
without warrant of any kind. The site-service is provided on an “as-is-when-available-basis”
under the terms of service available at:

9. Indemnity

You defend and indemnify holding harmless all subsidiaries of CanonBody,
employee, owners, supplier, affiliate or any third party associate at CanonBody of any and all liability. Whether they be investigations, costs,
losses or damages including legal-fees or documentation.

Claims or demands made by third party interest, on behalf due to access of
the service are in violation of the terms of use, or their of by breach of
you, under any and all-circumstance including third party
impersonation from a CanonBody-ID, entity or individual due to use arising
of intellectual-property from out of access-to-the-site at, and service.

10. Termination

We with hold the right to terminate-suspend restrict the site-service,

If we believe you are in violation, creating risk, legal exposure within
the terms of service, we are in reasonable condition to remove the account.

Upon any termination your right to use the site-service will cease. All
rights of the terms of use will precede any termination, including without
limitation, ownership provisions, disclaimers of warranty, indemnity,
limited liability and other, under the terms of service.

11. Entire Agreement

With this is the agreement at Canon Body and the terms of service, the exclusive
agreement between you and us.

If you feel you can not accept, or disagree with the current terms of
service arrangement. You are free to exercise your right not to use the
service and site, for any and all particular non disclosed disagreement.

We do not force agreement of any terms upon any individual group, company,
person, service or organization.

By continuation of use of the access at CanonBody
-site-service, after any revision. You are choosing to agree to be bound by
the terms of service, these terms by non-agreement do not bind any user
agreement rights to use site-service at CanonBody.

12. In Effect

The 1st of January 2013-these terms hold the above agreements superseding
all “Terms of Service” or prior acknowledgement at CanonBody service-site,
available at:

Personal information is kept private from all third-parties, “Privacy
” available at:

We Are in no affiliation of Canon.Inc: Stand as a complete separate entity.