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Canon USA: “Cine Gear Expo” with Brent Ramsey & Peter Marr On the EOS Cinema Line

Canon USA with Brent Ramsey and Peter Marr from Cine Gear Expo 2017 Event On the EOS C200, EOS C700, ME20F-SH, COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF Lens, COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm T4.4 EF LensRead More

Canon Suisse: “Mount Pico” with Ulla Lohmann On the EOS M6

Canon Suisse with Ulla Lohmann On the EOS M6, Shows “Mount Pico” from the Azores Islands, On the EOS M6 Technology with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 24.2 Megapixel CMOS APS-C Sensor and Multi-Pixel Phase-Detection, … Read More

Canon Asia: “Shooting Street Portraits” with Alvin Choon On the EOS M5

Canon Asia with Alvin Choon On the EOS M5, Shows “Shooting Street Portraits” from Professional Videographer a day capturing life on the streets with the 24-Megapixel Dual Pixel APS-C CMOS Technology, from more than … Read More

World Press Photo: “2017 Photo Contest” Winning Images in Partnership Worldwide with Canon

World Press Photo Shows “2017 Photo Contest” from Winning Images with 2017 Photo Contest 60th Annual Event with 80,408 Images and 5,034 Photographers from 126 different Countries from Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, General News, Long-Term … Read More

Canon Australia: “Down Under From Above” with Matt Wright On the EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon Australia with Matt Wright On the EOS 5D Mark IV, Shows “Down Under From Above” from Outback Wrangler and Helicopter Pilot in the Northern Territories of Australia, from a diverse range of dangerous … Read More

Canon USA: “EOS M Series Technology” On the EOS M10, EOS M6 & EOS M5

Canon USA On the EOS M10, EOS M6, EOS M5 and EF-M Lens System, Shows “EOS M Series Technology”, “The Entry Level Canon EOS M10”, “The Advanced Canon EOS M6”, “The Advanced … Read More

Canon USA: On Auto Focus, Color Gamut & Broadcast Lens Technology

Canon USA On the Auto Focus Technology, Shows “Dual Pixel Autofocus”, “Color Gamut” and “Broadcast Lenses” for Photography and Cinematography from Individual Videos from Advancements over 30 years with Auto Focus Features, Technology and Broadcast … Read More

Canon Australia: “Freedom of Movement” VIVID Sydney In 360°

Canon Australia and VIVID Sydney, Shows “Freedom of Movement” from “Inside the Canon HQ”, “Memory Frames” and “Tidal” a 360° Timelapse with VIVID Sydney from this years Canon HQ Light Show Event, hosts Photography … Read More

Radiant Images: “Sense 9 Rig” Cine Gear Expo 2017 with Alex Sax On the EOS C300 Mark II

Radiant Images with Alex Sax from Canon USA On the EOS C300 Mark II and Sense 9 Rig, Shows “Sense 9 Rig” from a VR system for 360° Image capture, with seven EOS C300 Read More

Canon Australia: “Inspiring Tomorrow” Canon Oceania Grants

Canon Australia and Canon Grants Program, Shows “Inspiring Tomorrow” Supports Social and Environmental groups for Australia and New Zealand, from the Canon Oceania Grant with $1000 to $5000 Australian Dollars Grants starting Monday 5 … Read More

Canon Australia: “Women In Surf” with Sally Fitzgibbons On the EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon Australia with Sally Fitzgibbons On the EOS 1D X Mark II, Macy Callaghan, Belinda Baggs, Brooke Farris and Fran Miller, Shows “Women In Surf”, “Modern Imagery”, “Images Of Change”, “Creating Content” and … Read More

Canon USA: “See Beyond Darkness” On the ME20F-SH & EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon USA with Klaus Obermeyer and Andy Casagrande On the ME20F-SH & EOS 1D X Mark II, Shows “See Beyond Darkness” from minimal conditions Andy Casagrande demonstrates the Technology Features for Photographers and Cinematographers, … Read More

Canon Italy: “ArtFutura” Technology Event On the LX-MU500 Projector

Canon Italy and ArtFutura Event with Paul Friedlander, Esteban Diacono, Michael Hughes On the LX-MU500 Projector, Shows “ArtFutura” from Innovations and Artwork from International selected Works of Art, and the best Video … Read More

Canon Australia: “Festival Of Light” VIVID Sydney in 4K

Canon Australia and VIVID Sydney, Shows “Festival of Light” from Photography Workshops, Photo Printing, Talks & Seminars, Performances, Collective Walking Tours, Gear Loan and Rental, Explore VIVID Sydney Events May to June 2017 from … Read More

Canon USA: “Technology & Features” On the EOS Rebel T7i

Canon USA On the EOS Rebel T7i, Shows “Technology & Features”, “Dual Pixel CMOS AF”, “New Guided User Interface”, “Getting the Background Look You Want”, “Built-In Wi-Fi®” and “Wi-Fi® Connection Process”, On the EOS Read More