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Canon Europe: “Studio Portrait Workshops” with Christian Anderl

Canon Europe and Photokina 2014 Event with Christian Anderl, Shows “Studio Portrait Workshops” from Portrait Photography and Lighting Techniques On the Canon Speedlight Flashes, Christian Anderl, explains how to Light with sources of … Read More

Canon Europe: “London Fashion Week” with Catalin Opritescu On the EOS 100D

Canon Europe with Catalin Opritescu On the EOS 100D White, Shows “London Fashion Week” from Photography Techniques and Tips for one amazing Shot, Catalin Opritescu Photographs daily movements and coverage from the London International … Read More

Canon Europe: “Extreme Sports Photography” with Richard Walch On the EOS 7D Mark II

Canon Europe with Richard Walch On the EOS 7D Mark II, Shows “Extreme Sports Photography” from the Photokina 2014 Live Event, with Richard Walch from Portfolio On the EOS 7D Mark II, and … Read More

Canon Polska: “Sports Photography” with Alessandro Trovati On the EOS 7D Mark II

Canon Polska with Allessandro Trovati On the EOS 7D Mark II, Shows “Sports Photography” from the APS-C Sensor Technology, Allessandro Trovati Demonstrates the 10 FPS Continuous Shooting Mode, Full HD Movie Mode and impressions … Read More

Canon USA: “Light to Ink” The Farmers with Tyler Stableford

Canon USA with Tyler Stableford, Shows “Light to Ink” The Farmers Art Portrait Series Supported by Canon USA, from the farmers and ranchers around the Country with the process of Large Format Printing … Read More

Canon USA: “Years Of Living Dangerously” with Rick Rowley On the Cinema EOS Cameras

Canon USA Shows “Years Of Living Dangerously” from Immersive look from the EMMY® Award Winning Production Series transition from the EOS Cameras into Cinema EOS Cameras, Rick Rowley explains the Production Process and limits … Read More

Canon USA: “Simultaneous 4K Workflow” with Ori Media

Canon USA and Ori Media On the EOS 1DC and imagePROGRAF Printer, Shows “Simultaneous 4K Workflow” from 4K Image Video Grabs simultaneously recording for Clients, Michael Ori On the 4K workflow and Equipment creates … Read More

Canon USA: “Homeland Series” On the EOS Cinema Lenses, EOS 5D Mark III & EOS 1DC

Canon USA with David Klein ASC On the EOS 1DC, EOS 5D Mark III and EOS Cinema Lenses, Shows “Homeland Series” from 3rd season in the Series, with an in depth view of … Read More

Canon USA: “Shooting Productions” with Maker Studios On the XA25 & EOS C300

Canon USA and Maker Studios On the XA25 and EOS C300, Shows “Shooting Productions” with over 4.5 Billion monthly views and 340 million+ Subscribers, Maker Studios with the Production Content from how EOS Technology … Read More

Canon USA: “The Sacramant” with Eric Robbins On the EOS C300

Canon USA with Eric Robbins On the EOS C300, Shows “The Sacramant” from Documenting a friends missing sister from a commune led by a man only known as the “Father”, Eric Robbins On how … Read More

Canon Digital Live Learning: “Tilt-Shift Lens Basics” with Explorer Of Light Vincent Laforet

Canon USA and Canon Digital Live Learning with Vincent Laforet, Shows “Tilt-Shift Lens Basics” from Architecture, Portraits and Lens Correction to dramatically enhance and change composition with Image upright and differentiation On the EF Read More

Canon USA: “In Action Tour” For EOS Photography & Videography

Canon USA and In Action Tour, Shows “In Action Tour” from Workshops for EOS Consumers to improve Photography and Videography, Starting from 99$ for Imaging Essentials up to $299 Video and Speedlight Workshops, Seminars … Read More

Canon USA: “EF 101 Lens Series” with Matt Kloskowski Tilt Shift & Fish Eye Lenses

Canon USA with Matt Kloskowski On the EF Tilt Shift and Fish Eye Lenses, Shows “EF 101 Lens Series” Tutorial Series from Locations, Scenery, Subjects and Buildings. Full Information on all Canon Still and Cinema … Read More

Canon Canada: “Mothers Day Surprise” with Steve Carty On the EOS Rebel SL1

Canon Canada with Steve Carty On the EOS Rebel SL1 and Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Printer, Shows “Mothers Day Surprise” from a set of portraits for memorable Mother’s Day surprise, On the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Read More

Canon Australia: “Underwater Photography” Darren Jew On the EOS 1D X

Canon Australia with Darren Jew On the EOS 1D X, Shows “Underwater Photography” from a Career in Professional Photography with a portfolio in Landscape, Wildlife and Oceans over a 30 year Career, Darren JewRead More