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Privacy Policy

1. Information Collected and Used

When using the service-site at CanonBody or by visiting-us, you
are acknowledging the “Privacy Policy” acception of information
collected-and-used, Irrespective of National Border when using the

We automatically collect data, from use of the CanonBody service-site
including-browser type, pages visited, search terms, referring
sites-domains, IP-address from access to the service and the
interaction-of-advertisement, throughout the service-site.

We receive information and record certain website data, trends, traffic
patterns, analytical, browser information. We record cookie information and
IP-data at CanonBody within certain-services, this data provides an
effective and more efficient CanonBody platform, we can
breakdown-introduce or analyze and fix a problem at a faster-degree of

As well as our own service, we use a variety of other third-party services,
these may send cookie information via the browser, or collect data via an
IP-request, these services are helping CanonBody platform currently
active-within the environment: Google Analytics-Tag Manager, Disqus, Youtube,
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and inclusion of other services or software that
constitutes within CanonBody service-site platform.

2. Information Disclosed

Upon disclosure of shared information, or information at the service-site
CanonBody discloses within reasonable procedure of
International law only.

We may disclose limited details at CanonBody, this will be in a
limited-provided disclosure from within third-party improvement or sale of
development service to platform.

We may disclose information within certain circumstance to a procedure of
International law, we disclose information only on this basis with
reasonable circumstance and prior notice.

In the event and circumstance we are involved in acquisition,
re-organization, merger, or sale-the “Privacy Policy” at CanonBody and all
information will remain upon transfer to the new entity of account-holdings.

All our available content at CanonBody and service-site, within the
features and platform are available to be syndicated and shared within our
content streams.

3. Security of Information

In the event of security-infringement or circumstance-information accessed,
from an unauthorized-use or breach within the service-site please notify us

4. Third-Party

Within requirements at CanonBody service-site or third-parties, we ask the
user to acknowledge the “privacy policy” the holding of third-party

We reserve limited-space for our advertising partners, including other
service-site campaigns. All other advertising is delivered via Google
Adsense program at Canon Body service-site.

Additionally a cookie may be inserted via the browser from Google Adsense
Program, data gathered from the cookie will better help serve and manage
Ads to the platform, inclusion of service:

    Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based
    on a user’s prior visits to your website.

    Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve
    ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites on
    the Internet.

    Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google
    ad and content network privacy policy.

You may choose or Opt-out of third-party individual-behavioral platform,
via the Google Adsense program. Additionally we also advise users to
additionally review privacy policies at: “Advertising and Privacy” and “Google
Ad and Content Network Privacy Policy

5. Policy towards Children

You must be 13-years or over to use CanonBody service-site. We do not
collect information knowingly from children.

If you have become aware a child has a registration-an account, or
provided-information,without the express-permission, we advise to notify us

We will remove such information of within express-authority from a parent
or guardian to the service-site, including reason-belief or informed
express-authority of an account age under 13-years-of-age.

6. Changes to Policy

We may make a change at a certain time to the “privacy policy”, with
changes we notify in effect of announcement to service-site, from here we
also advise users to review the policy frequently at:

The collection-and-use of information, time from information-content viewed
at service-site, CanonBody “privacy policy” and its “terms of service”
within full effect from use-of-access their within the service-site

7. Conditions of Use

When viewed or out of access to content-information from CanonBody
service-site, possible disputes their after within the
terms-privacy are subject to service-site “terms of service” at Canon Body
and of its contents within this “privacy policy” under International law,
the terms are available at:

8. In Effect

The 1st of January 2013-this policy holds the above agreements
superseding all previous “Privacy Policy” or prior acknowledgement at CanonBody service-site, available at:

Personal information is kept private from all third-parties, “Terms of Service” available at:

We Are in no affiliation of Canon.Inc: Stand as a complete separate entity.