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Radiant Images: “Sense 9 Rig” Cine Gear Expo 2017 with Alex Sax On the EOS C300 Mark II

Radiant Images with Alex Sax from Canon USA On the EOS C300 Mark II and Sense 9 Rig, Shows “Sense 9 Rig” from a VR system for 360° Image capture, with seven EOS C300 Mark II designed to remove the complexity from capturing 360° Video, for Cinematographer within one Video integrated-rig.

From Radiant Images:

Radiant Images On the Sense 9 “360° Time-Lapse”:

“Time lapse captured with the Radiant Images Sense 9 system with Canon C300 MKII cameras and lenses. This 360 video was shot from sunset to moonrise to moonset to sunrise in one take using interval video recording. The Sense 9 System fits almost every high end professional digital cinema camera giving the toolsets that filmmakers are familiar with to help them capture their visions. Sense 9 is not just a rig, but a fully integrated system which helps remove all complexity from capturing 360. Featuring built in Genlock and timecode sync, fully integrated live preview monitoring, live stitch and power management.”

VIA: Radiant Images