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Redrock Micro: “Mad Max Fury Road” DSLR Rig Equipment

Redrock Micro On Equipment for the EOS DSLR and Cinema EOS Cameras, Redrock Micro with the process used in the Mad Max Fury Road used by the production crew with equipment for first person shooting.

From Redrock Micro:

“Fast forward to 2015, as behind the scenes clips and videos started to leak online, we started to get some insights into how DSLRs were incorporated into high end feature film production, including the Redrock gear used to rig them.”

“In context of the movie, the action itself was in many ways the real star of the film, and you might consider the plethora of deadly cars the ‘lead actors’. Shooting this kind of unrelenting action required constant and varied close up action scenes.”

DSLRs Deliver the Action, Literally

“Looking at the types of shots they needed to achieve, close up and pov action was a big part of the thrill ride. DSLRs are often dismissed as legitimate filmmaking tools, but in the right circumstances and in the right hands, they can really serve a story at any production level. (Other major feature films that have used DSLRs include The Avengers and Iron Man among others)”

VIA: Redrock Micro