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Shane Hurlbut: “Acura Commercial” Leica Summilux CS Lenses For the EOS C500

Shane Hurlbut from Hurlbut Visuals gives a latest take on the new Leica Summilux CS Lenses for the EOS C500, Hurlbut explains the process with a new commercial for the car Manufacturer Acura on the sensor sensitivity when night shooting and the stabiliser operation for the FreeFly Systems MōVI.

From Shane Hurlbut:

“James had a very unique style that I immediately embraced. It was designed, calculated, organized and visionary. He wanted this spot to feel mysterious, with many misdirects to the audience, only telling them just enough. The mood and tone was dark, with muted tones. He wanted the car to feel alive at night though. He selected a red car and wanted a lens system and a camera to make this baby pop.
James said that he did not want the car to get lost in the muddy, murky light of the deserted LA streets at night.”

“I was all in. I told him about the camera system that I used to shoot Need for Speed. He thought I would all be about the Alexa, but I told him that the Canon C500 sees into the night like no other sensor and with this schedule it would require us to just take light away. We wouldn’t have time to add much. He was like, “What are you talking about, taking light away?” I told him that we will be shooting at 2500 ISO with minimal noise and using the power of the new Leica Summilux Cs at a 1.4 f-stop to bring this vision to life. Once I showed him the night race sequence in Need for Speed, he asked, “We can do this?” I said, “Absolutely.” I assembled the same team that I used on the movie and we were off and running.”

“This was my first time using the MoVI on a commercial project. The combination of the MoVI, Canon C500, aerial drones and Leica glass was a slam dunk. It was like one if by land, two if by air and three if by gyro stabilised.”

VIA: Hurlbut Visuals