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The Creator Class: “Food Photography” with Dennis Prescott On the EOS R

The Creator Class with Dennis Prescott On the EOS R, Shows “Food Photography” from musician turned cook find out his journey and passion for food and photography sharing photos of his dishes with the Technology, On the EOS R.

From The Creator Class:

“Musician-turned-cook and food photographer Dennis Prescott was taking a break from touring when he decided to borrow cookbooks from the library and make a meal for friends. The connection and community he felt in that moment inspired him to grow his passion for food, sharing photos of his dishes on Instagram along the way for fun – until Food and Wine called requesting he develop recipes and take pictures to share with their readers. Since then, Dennis has released his first cookbook, Eat Delicious, has had his work shared by the likes of Nigella Lawson, and continues to strive to inspire people to invest in time in the kitchen and around the dinner table.”

“We joined Dennis, who lives in his hometown Moncton, New Brunswick, to discuss food styling and photography, and how he doesn’t just want followers to like his photos – he wants to inspire them to build meaningful community around accessible, attainable meals.”

VIA: The Creator Class