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World Press Photo: “2017 Photo Contest” Winning Images in Partnership Worldwide with Canon

World Press Photo Shows “2017 Photo Contest” from Winning Images with 2017 Photo Contest 60th Annual Event with 80,408 Images and 5,034 Photographers from 126 different Countries from Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, General News, Long-Term Projects, Nature, People, Sports and News.

From World Press Photo:

World Press Photo with Tshepiso Mazibuko:

“I was interested in who I am, and how I relate to my environment… I had to start right home and that’s how I started documenting my area.”

World Press Photo with Samuel Granados, Zoeann Murphy & Kevin Schaul “A New Age of Walls and The Waypoint”:

“With text, with reading, with graphics, it’s a little bit more active, where you’re scrolling through something, you’re following it at your speed.”

World Press Photo with Valery Melnikov “Black Days of Ukraine”:

“I do hope that my photographs will help people from other places to see their lives in a different light, and help them value peace even more.”

World Press Photo with Ameer Alhalbi (Walid Mashhadi) “Rescued From the Rubble”:

“I chose to focus on children because they have nothing to do with the war. But they were the victims of society and the war.”

World Press Photo with Topaz Adizes, Julia Gorbach and Carla Tramullas “The Dig”:

“We created an opportunity for the user to pursue a self reflective journey through the stories and experiences and experiments of these new relationships that our characters are embarking upon.”

World Press Photo with Paula Bronstein “The Silent Victims of a Forgotten War”:

“I believe in the stories that need to be told.”

World Press Photo with Amber Bracken “Standing Rock”:

“Photo Contest winner Amber Bracken presents Standing Rock at the World Press Photo Festival 2017.”

World Press Photo with Daniel Berehulak Presents They are Slaughtering Us Like Animals:

“In this culture and climate in the Philippines, you can literally kill whoever you want and get away with murder at the moment.”

World Press Photo Syria by Syrian Photographers:

“Samar Hazboun presents Peace in the Afterlife on behalf of Abd Doumany and Ameer Alhalbi presents Covering Aleppo at the World Press Photo Festival 2017.”

World Press Photo with Amak Mahmoodian “Another Meeting With Her, in Vein”:

“Photographer and filmmaker Amak Mahmoodian presents Another Meeting With Her, in Vein at the World Press Photo Festival 2017.”

World Press Photo with Jamal Taraqai on Pakistan Bomb Blast:

“I often struggle to sleep for three to four nights after seeing this.”

World Press Photo with Amak Mahmoodian On Her Work and Identity:

“If I talk about identity and the identity of these women in this specific place which is my country, Iran, I talk about my own identity first”.

World Press Photo with Wang Tiejun “Sweat Makes Champions”:

“I believe that no matter what we do… to do it well, sweat and gruelling training are inevitable.”

World Press Photo with Bence Máté “Animals at Night”:

“I realized the orange is the drug for the elephant… and that’s how I got the elephant in the right place.”

World Press Photo Giles Duley Presents Khouloud and Aya “The Power Of a Story”:

“We get to follow that tradition of telling stories. And once in a while, our photographs get to inspire the people that can make change.”

World Press Photo Zackary Canepari On “Claressa”:

“I wasn’t trying to tell a sports story per se. It was really a good foundation to experience something human and so the fact that she was on this journey, wherever that journey led – success, failure… riches, celebrity – that was way beyond outside the thing that we’re making”

World Press Photo Jessica Dimmock On “The Convention”:

“There’s a lightness and a badassness about some of the women that I really wanted to embrace. I think that they do this really brave thing and they’re kooky and wild.”

World Press Photo Giovanni Capriotti On “Boys Will Be Boys”:

“I had the chance to spend time with the guys on and off the pitch, and that’s when I created that bond that allowed me to keep shooting.”

World Press Photo On Creating Connections Through Photography:

“I’m interested in those moments between the action. And that’s where most life happens in war zones.”

World Press Photo Felipe Dana On “Battle for Mosul”:

“I try to be in the safe spot first, and then look for my photos, which is not always easy in places like this.”

World Press Photo Daniel Etter On “The Libyan Migrant Trap”:

“I think what makes a good picture is always a lot of things coming together… if you have only that side, only a woman crying, it is strong and compelling in a way, but it’s really the interaction with another person.”

VIA: World Press Photo